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my in-manas

Management 4.0 - digital tools and smart content

With my in-manas, you get digital tools and content for your strategy and innovation work. This enables you to leverage digitization potential, independently build new knowledge, and become faster, more agile, and more innovative.



Management 4.0

The first digital strategy & management assistance system for companies

my in-manas is your personal, digital strategy & management assistance system that enables you to work in a sustainable way.

With my in-manas, we have developed a strategy & management assistance system that enables companies to carry out their strategic work digitally for the first time. As a result, corporate performance can be analysed more comprehensively and improved in a more targeted manner:

  •   Intelligent algorithms,
  •   the best management instruments,
  •   tools for collaborative solution development and
  •   an inspiring tend and knowledge database

enable companies to become faster, more agile and more innovative.

Let our four digital assistants guide you into the age of Management 4.0!

4 in 1

Four assistants combined in one system

my in-manas offers four digital assistants to help you make better business decisions. They assist you in numerous strategy and management tasks.

  • Analyse markets, trends, business models, and more.
  • Develop enterprise, sustainability, and digitisation strategies & experiences. etc.
  • Implement innovations and revolutionary business models.
  • Solve problems with my in-manas and brainstorm smaller strategic challenges.
  • Expand the management and future knowledge in your organization with my in-manas.



Implementation- & Strategy Radar

Understanding and developing your own strategic performance

The Strategy Assistant allows you to develop future-oriented strategies and business models using intelligent process logic, without the need for consultants. From the analysis stage all the way through to deriving concrete projects and measures, my in-manas supports you using the best management tools to help you develop solutions.

And best of all:

Through the quick and simple integration of all relevant employees into the strategy development process, you can tap into the cumulative knowledge of your entire organisation.


more about the strategy assistant

Continuously increase the implementation performance of your strategic projects

With the Implementation- & Strategy Radar from my in-manas, you can increase your company’s implementation performance when it comes to executing strategic projects. The projects can be taken directly from the strategy development process and be integrated, consolidated, and controlled using our system..

And best of all:

Our system supplies all the relevant information on current projects via a dashboard, allowing you to manage activities in an effective and time-efficient manner.


More about the Implementation Assistant

Stay up-to-date and get inspired by a variety of approaches

The Inspiration Assistant offers exciting success stories, management insights, out-of-the-box ideas and classic strategy concepts. We generate this content through a continuous exchange with renowned pioneers and lateral thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines.

And best of all:

You will receive thought-provoking impulses via push messages from freely selectable categories and fields.


more about the inspiration assistant

Quickly develop ideas for different problems with your team

The Ideation Assistant gives you the opportunity to expand your expertise by collaboratively using internal and external knowledge. Intuitive tools for internal and external knowledge generation establish completely new possibilities for the development of intelligent solutions.

And best of all:

You and your team can use the Ideation Assistant to freely start brainstorms at any time to which you can invite colleagues or external knowledge carriers.


more about the ideation assistant

At a glance

Numerous fields of application for sustainable work

Would you like to learn more?

Experience the age of Management 4.0 with a guided video conference

If you would like to learn more about the functions and possibilities of the first digital strategy and management support system, write us 2 or 3 suitable dates. We will get back to you as soon as possible and you can then experience the age of Management 4.0 in the form of a guided video conference.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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