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Customized Solution

Our Management 4.0 toolkit for your company


The advantages

Adaptable and aligned to the entrepreneurial requirements

  • my in-manas can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements.
  • Per application field, tailor-made processes and tools can be combined.
  • The assistants are tailored to your market and industry needs.
  • We offer individual coaching to implement Management 4.0 in your company.

in-manas experienced strategy and management experts will not only assist you in customizing the solution that best suits your needs. Rather, you coach and accompany our professionals in the first applications and train your team to enter the world of Management 4.0.



Strategy & Daily Business

Our experts work with you to design "your" optimal digital logic - be it for

  • the development of a coordinated corporate or divisional strategy,
  • the realization of a speed-strategy-process 
  • planned sustainability projects or revolutionary business model approaches or a
  • strategy review that analyzes the existing strategy process.

But also for their "Daily Biz" in-manas offers numerous applications - be it:

  • quickly develop future-oriented ideas in a team 
  • systematically solving specific questions and problems through the involvement of internal and external knowledge providers,
  • to use foreign management know-how and expand your own know-how with it or stay up-to-date and receive regular updates,
  • exciting success stories and out-of-the-box views.

The implementation

How we proceed

We implement your tailor-made solution within a short time and follow a multi-level logic.

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Status Quo
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Process Development
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Roll Out Phase


In the first step of the customizing process, we gather the status quo. Thereby, the affected processes and the associated instruments of the company are examined in more detail by the in-manas strategy experts. Strengths are highlighted, vulnerabilities uncovered. Both the self-perception of those responsible in the company and the input of the in-manas experts play a key role in this phase.

Who is involved?

in-manas team & persons in charge (company)



In process development, an optimal and tailor-made (strategy) process with the associated instruments is created on the basis of the previously elaborated analysis.

Who is involved?

in-manas team & persons in charge (company)


When configuring the software, the previously developed (strategy) process is transferred to the platform. This step is done entirely by the in-manas team.

Who is involved?

in-manas team


In this phase your customized management assistance system will be called into action. We will work on a real project or solve a problem you choose with your team with my in-manas: a complete business unit strategy, a speed strategy project, an important topic, or a field of application of your choice. You get the first real benefit for your company and experience the my in-manas software. The in-manas strategy experts accompany you at every step during this phase.

Who is involved?

in-manas team & persons in charge (company)


Fine tuning takes into account all feedback from the real case phase to eliminate any discrepancies and questions. Thereafter, the management assistance system will be further optimized.

Who? in-manas team & persons in charge (company)


In the roll out phase, as the name already suggests, we will implement the software company-wide and train the involved users. All features will be discussed, in order that the management assistance system can be fully used in your company.


in-manas team & all employees who use in-manas

Have we piqued your interest? Would you like to start your journey towards Management 4.0?

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in a Customized Solution from in-manas, then please contact us. We will then gladly explain everything else and can give you a first cost estimation.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get setup?

As soon as you contact us regarding a standard solution (Basic Advanced, Professional), we will set up your my in-manas. Shortly after you will get access to the software. Once completed the coaching program with the in-manas experts you are good to go. 

How safe is my data?

My in-manas is a cloud-based software. All customer data is stored in an ISO / IEC 27001-certified data center in Frankfurt am Main and is thus subject to 100 % European (data protection) law. For detailed information on processing and storing customer information, see our privacy policy.

What is the benefit of my in-manas?

  • The digital management assistance system my in-manas opens up completely new options, from analysis to solution development to implementation, in order to become faster, more agile and more innovative as a company
  • Massive cost savings and increased efficiency through digitized and automated processes
  • Easiest integration of any number of colleagues and external experts in analysis and solution processes
  • Increase management quality in the organization by easily accessing best management tools

Software Architecture


To ensure that speed, openness and security are not contradictory, our software architects rely on the best software tools and technologies when developing our platform.