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Only those who deal with the future in a well-founded way are in a position to build up strategically relevant competitive advantages. With our trend radar, you can get a sound picture of the significance of individual trends for a wide range of industries at the touch of a button.



A more profound, systematic understanding of the future

Would you like to understand future trends and their influence on your company? Recognise the developments of different industries at an early stage? Know how top experts assess new developments? Or make a trend assessment based on global data?


The trend radar from my in-manas makes this possible!

The fascinating thing is that you 

  • can set up different radars for your company with just a few clicks,
  • have the relevant expert assessments and global data automatically displayed in these radars,
  • benchmark your own trend assessments against the expert assessments, and
  • have system automatically propose concrete solutions that you can then work with.

How is that possible?

Our trend radar is based on the findings of leading futurologists. Based on this, we at in-manas have defined specific mega and macro trends for each industry. These are evaluated and commented on every six months by selected top experts with regard to their influence on the respective industry. In addition, our data provider - MAPEGY GmbH - provides AI-based global data on the number of research papers, patents, news articles and the funding level and per trend and industry.

Click by click

From an understanding of the future to concrete solutions



Create a specific trend radar for your company with expert benchmarks and global data and invite your colleagues and external knowledge providers to individually assess mega and macro-trends.



Based on your assessments, the expert benchmarks, and the global data, get a well-founded picture of those areas of action in which you can use strategic advantages in the future, and where you might make strategic improvements. Based on this information, the system automatically provides you with relevant solution approaches that you can work on.



Develop concrete solution approaches with your team based on the results and the options suggested by the system. If necessary, get personal support from one of the top experts whom you can contact via our system.

Any questions?

If you would like to get to know the functions and possibilities of our Trend Radar in more detail, please let us know ideally 2-3 desired dates. We will contact you immediately and you will dive into the age of Management 4.0 with us via video conference.

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