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The dynamics nature of the economic environment will continue to develop, but you will not be able to survive in this volatile world with outdated management practices. We enable you to step into the future: into the age of Management 4.0.



my in-manas: smart management, strategy and innovation tools for businesses

my in-manas is a personal digital strategy and management assistance system that enables you to work in a future-proof, way and supports you in doing so.

Intelligent algorithms, the best management tools, open management logics and a smart trend and innovation database enable companies to become faster, more agile, and more innovative.



my in-manas

Your personal, digital strategy and management assistance system

Would you like to understand future trends and their influence on your company? Make better decisions? Develop an effective corporate strategy systematically and quickly? With my in-manas, all this and much more is possible! But how exactly?

With four smart assistants 

my in-manas offers you four digital assistants for better decision-making within your company. They assist you in numerous strategy and management activities

Ideas and

Identify future chances and risks

With the smart trend radar, you can evaluate the effects of all relevant mega and macro trends on your own company as well as on the economy and wider society.

And best of all:

Our system not only provides you with trend assessments and comments from top experts automatically, but also delivers concrete solution proposals


More about the Trend Radar


Developing your own strategic performance and innovation

With the help of our smart management, strategy, and innovation tools, you can develop forward-looking corporate concepts, unique business models, revolutionary innovation logic and much more - from analysis to the derivation of concrete projects and measures.

And best of all:

Through the quick and easy involvement of employees and selected experts in different questions and topics, you can access key knowledge at any time.


more about our Management-Tools

Finding global innovations, new technologies and exciting solutions

With the Innovation Compass, you can search specifically for relevant innovations, new technologies and exciting approaches. This gives you a clear picture of which developments are currently influencing various economic sectors and will likely revolutionise them in the future.

And best of all:

You will be informed about new content in the fields you have defined not only through your computer, but also via your mobile device.


more about the innovation compass

Develop solutions for different problems quickly, in a team

With the idea and solution workshop, my in-manas offers you the opportunity to raise your own expertise to a new level through the collaborative use of internal and external competences. Intuitive tools for internal and external knowledge generation open up completely new possibilities for intelligent solution-development.

And best of all:

You and your employees can easily start brainstorms at any time with the Ideation Assistant, to which colleagues and external knowhow-carriers can also be invited.


more about ideas and solutions

Let our four digital assistants guide you into the age of Management 4.0!

At a glance

Numerous fields of application for sustainable work


Dive into the age of Management 4.0 with us with a guided video conference!

If you would like to learn more about the functions and possibilities of the first digital strategy and management support system, write us 2 or 3 suitable dates. We will get back to you as soon as possible and you can then experience the age of Management 4.0 in the form of a guided video conference.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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